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The Dead Sea salts are typically called Amazon blue water salts and these salts have a blue color. There are seven blue salt varieties like Roman sea salt, Dead Sea salts, Bitter sea salt, Jewish sea salt, Blue salt and Black sea salt. Blue sea salt is preferred by the coastal dwellers, Dead Sea salt is used by fishermen and Bitter sea salt is used by yogis. The description of the dead sea salts Amazon Blue or Sea Salt is relatively accurate.

The Blue sea salts is generally recognized as one of the best in the world and the Amazon blue sea salts in particular. They are reputed to be stronger than sea salt and can be used to remove impurities and dirt from clothing.

The sea salt, at times, gets a saline mist. If it is not cleaned or re-dissolved it will be extremely dry. Some of the materials like stones can cause an allergic reaction, which can be dangerous. There are some items that can destroy it even though they are not handled with care.

One can use hydrogen gas to purify it, but this must be done under controlled atmosphere. The saline mist will still remain. I tried some other methods, but I am still curious about using that method.

Another method is called the floating salt. The floating salt is converted to salt that is then dropped on the ocean. After this method is implemented, the sea salt will return to the sea once it is dropped.

The use of sea salt is safer as it is able to penetrate deep down in the water. The dead sea salt, on the other hand, cannot penetrate deep down. But the same salt is harmless. The surface of the salt makes the salt to absorb better its water.

The use of the Dead Sea salt is easier. One simply uses it for exfoliating purposes. One can use the Dead Sea salt to get rid of the skin rash, pimples, acne, scars, sun spots and many more.

These salts come in containers and tablets. One can purchase them from online stores and order them directly from there. One can get them in tablet form. If one purchases them in tablet form, one must also get the appropriate dosage.

These salts also have certain properties that help them be more effective. The salts are made from sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium, chromium, manganese, and sodium aluminum silicate. They have all these properties.

A kind of black sea salt is used for the treatment of burns. The salt can heal the wounds quicker as compared to other types of salt. A thinner layer of sea salt is used so that it can go to the skin, first, after using it to heal the burn.

These salts also have certain properties that help them to be effective in cleaning and disinfecting the body. If one is unaware of the properties of the salts, it is recommended that they take time and do a research about it so that they can become an expert in treating a certain ailment.

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