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Fleur De Sel, French for Rose of Sardonyx, is hand picked from the salty waters of the Guandalosphates of France with centuries old methods. It is one of the world’s best fleur de sel salt selections. Each fleur de sel crystal packet includes complete instructions, so that your fleur de sel salt treatment can begin right away! The salt itself is naturally white to light green in color. Because of its purity and natural look, fleur de sel is sometimes known as Persian salt or Fakesal. No matter what your calling name, fleur de sel salt is the best fleur de sel for your dog.

Fleur De Sel is used worldwide for its fleur de sel qualities. While fleur de sel is more expensive than regular table salt, regular salt tends to lose its fleur de sel qualities over time, becoming more like table salt. Fleur De Sel is a richer fleur de sel than regular salt and it is an expensive fleur de sel that maintain its fleur de sel qualities.

Fleur De Sel also provides fleur de sel benefits that regular table salt does not offer. Regular table salt does not contain minerals like magnesium and potassium, which are important for proper bone health. Many dogs have problems with nutrient deficiencies, including mineral deficiencies, due to their long life span and high fat diet. Fleur De Sel contains trace minerals that are beneficial to your dog’s nutritional needs.

Fleur De Sel contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium as well as trace minerals such as zinc, copper and iron. The minerals found in fleur de sel are important for maintaining a healthy bone, skin and coat structure. Trace minerals that come from this type of salt to help build stronger connective tissues and can improve the pH levels in the blood.

One of the best attributes of fleur de sel is its uniqueness in taste. Unlike regular table salt, fleur de sel has no discernable taste. It does not have the salty after taste that can result from other types of sea salts. This sea salt does not taste like garbage, it tastes like salt.

Fleur De Sel is a premium fleur de sel product and it is difficult to find fleur de sel in grocery stores. However, there are some fleur de salons that add this fleur de sel to their products. For pet owners with a Jewish dietary requirement, fleur de salons may provide the finishing touch to a traditional Jewish holiday diet. Fleur De Sel is also the preferred fleur de table salt by those who follow the Islamic religion. Although commercially available fleur de sel is not considered to be Kosher salt and is not required to be listed on the ingredient label as such, Jewish dietary laws do require its use in foods and cooking.

In addition to fleur de sel’s unique taste, chefs and cooks around the world appreciate its unique color. The fleur de colouration is largely a result of the addition of crushed sea salt to the raw material during production. Because this salt does not contain a lot of additives and coloration, it does not need to be processed in order to achieve the brilliant hue of fleur de sel.

Fleur De Sel ticks all the boxes for traditional Jewish dieters while also satisfying the needs of modern Jewish cuisine. Fleur De Sel’s versatility makes it a great value for both Jewish and non-Jewish consumers. Its naturally occurring attributes, superior taste and beautiful presentation make fleur de sel a versatile gemstone that appeals to both chefs and consumers. Fleur De Sel serves as a symbol of luck and riches for Jews and Muslims alike. Its availability and affordable price tag appeal to all who seek an affordable table salt with extraordinary flavor.

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