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Gray Himalayan Salt – Distinguishing Between the Different Types

Gray Himalayan salt is often used in the production of sea salt. It comes from three different salts, three different types of rock salt and one type of mineral salt. Gray Himalayan salt is sometimes referred to as salt rocktable salt rock.

As you can probably tell by now, gray Himalayan salt comes from three different salt deposits. These are known as the Blue, Rock and Mineral deposits. They come from an island in the Himalayas that is called Nepal.

Each of these salts has its own advantages and disadvantages when compared to the others. Of the three varieties, Rock salt is the most popular and widely used. It has a very smooth and silky texture that makes it easy to dissolve and use.

Gray Himalayan rock salt is actually mined and processed right here in the United States. All three forms of salt have been scientifically developed and tested to ensure they are as pure as possible. The salt rocks are sold through most of the major online retailers and are available for home use, grocery store use and industrial uses as well.

Gray Himalayan salt is easy to dissolve and mixes well with most other types of sea salt. It is often blended with other salts such as those made from sea kelp. This type of salt is made from dried seaweed, so it should never be confused with sea kelp extract. The salts from the Himalayas are not usually sold as separate salts; they are sold in blends.

There are various brands and types of salt that are available today. Each brand may offer more of a specific type of salt. Salts Worldwide, Inc. has a large variety of this type of salt to offer.

One brand that you may find that many people prefer is Kettler Brown Sea Salt. The store offers four different types of salt including yellow, brown, white and clear.

The next brand of grey salt is Bi-Tech Salt. These are commonly known as the purplish granules. You will find this brand of salt in the American Eagle Market, Jewelry Connection, Mens Village, Evenflo and Tumbleweed.

Rufous Salt is another popular brand of salt that is popular among consumers and pros alike. You will find this brand in locations such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Penneys, The Limited and Von Maur. The store has also expanded into a wholesale source.

A third company selling grey Himalayan salt is called Space Salt. They offer pure salt in four varieties. The store is available in stores all over the United States.

The last brand of grey Himalayan salt is known as Cynergy Tungstate. The store is also available in places such as Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Sprouts, Whole Foods Market and John Hancock. You can find this product at many of the major retailers.

The store sells pure grey Himalayan salt in white, pink, red and white powder. You can find these products at major stores and online retailers.

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