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Kosher Salt Brands

Kosher salt brands come in a wide variety of varieties, which can be purchased online or at your local health food store. Kosher salt offers many options for people on a diet. Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to look into the options available and make an informed decision.

Some manufacturers sell Kosher salt brands by what they call traceability. This means that they have to meet strict guidelines for the salt content of their products. Some of the companies involved are Raita Salt LLC, Nivea Sodium Ointment, Novartis, Aromasol, and Cargill.

Kosher salt also comes in many varieties. For example, you can purchase super-low sodium, no salt, zero sodium, non-iodized, non-iodized (iodine) and many more. Many people dont understand that all salts must be certified kosher. Any salt used for cooking, salad dressing, baking, or as part of soup toppings should be certified kosher.

The most popular kosher salt brands in the US are those that use kosher salt. Cargill, Waite, Green Earth, Del Monte, Danaher, Bechtel, Vera, Soda Ash, Cal-Grain, American, Procter & Gamble, Occidental, Sakuma, Arla Foods, Seagrams, Del Monte, K & K and Amadeus. These companies offer products in a variety of varieties, which can be purchased online or at your local health food store. All are great choices.

Your local health food store may also carry Kosher salt brands. To locate them, you may want to start by doing a Google search for the word kosher salt. You should be able to find the various varieties that are sold at the local store. The types of kosher salt available at most stores are:

* No L Scale: This brand is the most inexpensive. It is made from seawater, which makes it extremely low in sodium. Because it is made from naturally occurring seawater, it does not use any chemicals to increase its salt content. Also, it is found in only one state: New York. It is found mostly in restaurants and in some delicatessens.

* High Grade L Scale: Also known as bulk grade, this brand is almost twice as salty as the No L Scale. Also, it is a very expensive brand. It is used mainly in food service, the food industry, hotels, restaurants, and in medical facilities. It is made of potassium chloride, an oxidizer, and calcium sulfate, a pH adjuster.

* Pre L Scale: Made from sodium chloride, this brand is high in potassium. It is also known as minimum sodium because it contains only the amount of sodium permitted by federal standards. In fact, it has fewer additives than the L scale. It is used primarily in restaurants and in hotels and health food stores. It is also available online in some states, but not all.

* Super L Scale: This brand is sold in New York and California. It has greater salt content than the lower-grade l scale. It contains both potassium chloride and calcium sulfate. It is used mostly in restaurants and in hotels.

* No L Scale: If you are on a No L Scale diet, this is the brand for you. It has no potassium and uses only sea salt, which is easily available and affordable. It is made from natural sea salts.

* Non-iodized Salt: It is made from calcium chloride, an oxidizer, and iodine, which are a bactericide. It is sold in various states.

When it comes to Kosher salt brands, there are a variety of kosher salt brands available. Make sure that you shop around for the best product.

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