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What Is Pure Himalayan Pink Salt?

Rare species of salt called Pure Himalayan Pink Salt has many advantages that no other type of salt offers. This extremely rare salt is formed by microorganisms that live only in a certain region of the Himalayas. A salt that is formed from this bacteria is a must-have for all of those who have sea salt crystals on their tables.

These crystals are actually formed by the natural evolution of this salt. It is the result of the interaction of rock and salt water to create the beautiful color of these salts.

Colored salts are commonly seen everywhere but are usually created in the industrial process. They are commercially available in big concentrations and they can be sourced from countries like China and India. In fact, they are not easily available in stores due to their very high demand.

The pure salt crystals that are produced by microorganisms cannot be made in factories because they have unique properties. These crystals are available only in a few regions of the world.

Different types of rocks and salt have different potential of transforming to these salt crystals. The presence of bacteria and the minerals are essential to the process of the transformation.

The minerals and the bacteria play the role of attractor to the rocks and provide them with the perfect conditions to transform into crystals. Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is a perfect example of these bacteria and rocks. It is not a product of any process but a natural product from Mother Nature.

This unique salt is derived from the soil and rocks around Mount Everest. Due to the low temperatures at the base of the mountain, the volcanic rock at the top is used as the source of salt. It is perfect for creating the crystals.

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is considered as one of the finest forms of crystal salt. It has the same qualities and aroma of sea salt. It is stable, hard and expensive.

There are several types of rocks that are used for creating this salt. To enhance the beauty of this salt, it is used in different methods like grating and scooping. Different colors are created when the salt is prepared in different ways.

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt is normally used in cooking and baking. They are used to cover chips, ice cream, fruit slices, biscuits and cakes. These are mostly used by people in the Asian countries.

However, this product is not as stable as sea salt and therefore it is not used by the restaurants. They are very expensive.

Pure Himalayan Pink Salt can also be used in the cleaning of crockery and dishes. It is a popular option among chefs.

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