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NaturalFacial Products – Uses Dead Sea Charcoal & Other Natural Ingredients

Dead Sea Cosmetics, a brand you can trust, features Dead Sea Activated Charcoal Body Wash. With its natural minerals and rich natural aroma, this natural-smelling product will leave your skin soft and silky. The pH balanced formulation helps neutralize the negative effects of acidity on your skin.

Dead Sea Cosmetics, also known as TDW, was founded in 1996 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Its original products were sold through the Netikim or Negev Desert Bed Trade, which is centuries old method of mining the Dead Sea salt from the bed of the Mediterranean. The formula uses the purest ingredients sourced from the area. Dead Sea Cosmetics, a brand you can trust, uses pure Dead Sea Salt to formulate its body cleansers and bath products.

This body wash contains minerals, nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. As the base of our bodies, we cannot survive without the mineral-rich water that is taken from the Dead Sea. The water is used in the day time for drinking and bathing and stored in the ice. It is said that the Dead Sea salt helps the water retains its warmth and purifies the air, which is naturally inhospitable to bacteria and viruses.

The minerals and vitamins found in Dead Sea Salt have been proven to lower high blood pressure, soothe the body, and nourish the skin and scalp. And, when combined with other earth-friendly ingredients, like Aloe Vera and Green Tea, the Dead Sea Activated Charcoal Body Wash delivers a naturally revitalizing experience that leaves your skin clean, healthy, and healthy looking.

Salts Worldwide: The Peoples Line uses the best ingredients in their products. The founder, Sue Rossow, started the company with her husband, Bob Rossow, after they developed the original Comforter line.

Pure Baby Body Wash, another brand you can trust, uses the Comforter shampoo/body wash combination as their base. A wide range of colors and scents is available for you to choose from.

Pure Organic Body Wash, a line created by Charles Pappas, makes a healthier choice. This line uses special recipes to revitalize and replenish the skin.

The Gentle Organic Body Wash, which uses a mixture of Comforter, Green Tea, and Vitamins Worldwide ingredients, rejuvenates the skin and cleanses the body naturally. A soothing lavender scent enhances the body wash.

Natural, which uses Aloe Vera as the base, is made with the same ingredients as Comforter but uses the use of non-greasy oils that are extracted from plant sources. Another line from Pure Organic is the Natural Cream Body Wash.

The name states that this line of products uses ingredients of natural origin to replenish, soothe, and revitalize. The brand has a line of products that uses Active Charcoal as their base, including Body Wash, Body Cream, Cream Toner, Cream Purifier, and Shower Gel.

Scalp Funnel offers no chemicals and makes its skin care and body wash with Salts Worldwide and organic elements. For product information, please go to the website and click on Products.

Comforter, an eco-friendly line based on the ingredients and benefits from Salts Worldwide, uses the same extracts as Petrol and Brush Wash. These products are great for your skin and provide gentle cleansing and replenishing ingredients that leave your skin refreshed and looking good.

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