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Types of Gourmet Salt Brands

The most recognizable name in gourmet salts today is perhaps U.K. based Zingermans, and they are certainly the most widely used in the United States. While these particular brands of salts are well known for their spectacular taste, there are others that you might not be familiar with that can offer the same excellent taste with a wide range of consumer appeal.

Some of the top salts in the world come from places such as the Netherlands, France, Spain, and even Australia. As you can imagine, some of these salts have a greater degree of appeal for various tastes. If you are looking for something a little more unique, you may want to check out these types of salts as well.

One of the most well-known gourmet salt brands in the United States is a variety called Alaska Coastal Salt. This brand has an all natural blend that is well known for its premium flavor and high quality. The Coastal variety is a combination of different ingredients including sea salt, Borax, and crushed sea algae.

Another of the popular brands of salts worldwide is Minestrone of Venice. This brand of salts is also known for its extra large salt crystals, which some consumers say makes it a more intense flavor.

Zingermans, another popular gourmet salt brand that is widely available on the market, uses salt from the Caucasus region of Russia. It is harvested from the watery under layers of mud and rocks in the region.

The Salt Factorys trademarked brand of salts is known for its rich taste and relative ease of use. It is rich in iodine content and is typically considered to be a perfect taste that most people can appreciate.

Like many of the other top salts in the world, this brand is made from combinations of calcium, potassium, and magnesium. In fact, these salts have such a natural flavor that many consumers find it hard to believe that they can actually use them for cooking.

Depending on where you buy your salts, you may not always be able to get the best selection. If you want to purchase from an online source, you should check to see what the local distributors and specialty stores in your area have to offer.

The type of brands of salts worldwide available include the likes of Florida Sea Salt, Malta Salt, Taiwan Salt, Frances Fillet Spice, and Ecuadors Littleneck Sea Salt. Each of these brands has a different level of taste and appeal.

Many of the most popular brands of salts worldwide are typically sold as table salts, which can make the selection process much easier. You can purchase these salts at any grocery store and generally they are very affordable.

While most of these salts are relatively affordable, you may be able to get even better value by purchasing these top quality salts online. Most of the best online sources carry a wider selection of salts and also allow you to customize your package to a specific need.

There are some great places to purchase salt online, and some of the best salt in the world comes from some of the most famous brands of salts worldwide. Whether you are looking for the perfect taste for your next meal or you are seeking to create a culinary masterpiece, you should do some careful research when it comes to this most important element of the meal.

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