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It is without a doubt the easiest item in existence, everyone screws it up. When the Chinese were building the world’s first great civilization, they included chicken soup in their recipes. The problem with chicken soup in early days was the chicken itself. The recipe was not devised until the early thirteenth century, and by that time, chicken had been domesticated. It was fairly clear to the Chinese at the time that well, normal (not necessarily brainwashed but pretty normal) intelligent, rational people were mystified, possibly even intimidated by chicken soup.

I say “notably” intelligent because the only reason that chicken soup was not offered in China, let alone served to the commoners as an everyday meal, is that people there simply do not like chunks of vegetables in their soup. Not, that they do not enjoy eating them all the time, no, but they just do not want chunks of vegetables in their food. If you have ever asked a Chinese person to make chicken soup, you know exactly what I mean. They will tell you it stinks, tastes bad, and just generally does not look good.

This is why, for the last several hundred years or so, most traditional recipes have excluded chicken soup altogether from their recipes, and substituted vegetable recipes instead. Some have included vegetables and made a little bit of chicken soup along with it, but most have stuck to the more meaty, whole chicken, low fat, high starch soup base. In other words, they did not like chicken soup. Because people who live in the far eastern parts of this world and eat whole chicken do not like it, and since chicken soup is very easy to make as long as you have a chicken soup base, they have done away with it in many parts of the world. In fact, unless you live in China, you would never know unless you did some poking into your local Chinese kitchen.

The chicken soup recipe, you will find here will still include the same ingredients that are in your everyday chicken soup recipe, just in much smaller amounts. For instance, instead of using large chunks of ham and fat, you will use medium sized chunks of lean white meat. And, instead of using thickening agents like cornstarch to thicken the soup, you will add vegetables that are lean. You can also use a little liquid from a stock if you wish to thin the soup further but not to thicken it, which is what a stock can do.

The ingredients for this recipe are very easy to find. All you have to do is find the same ingredients that you use for every other chicken soup recipe that you have ever tried, except that you will use small quantities. Also, you will be making a slightly thicker and soupy soup than you normally would. This thickening agents, mostly stock, make the soup smoother and less rich than any soup that you might make with ground up bones and scraps.

To make chicken noodle soup recipe with stock, you will need four to five chicken soup recipe packets. These packets will contain all of the stock that is necessary to make chicken soup recipe. Chicken stock is much thinner than cream. If you are using a cream soup base, you can thin the stock quite a bit by blending it until it is about a fourth of a cup thick, which is about the thickness of a thick soup that you would usually serve to people.

After you have blended the stock, you will add the chicken noodle soup mix to the pot. The chicken noodle soup mix is basically just a stock that has been blended to add thickness and flavor to the chicken noodle soup. At this point you can put in whatever vegetables that you would like to cook with the broth. Of course, if you do not have any vegetables in the house, you can always just cook some chicken on the grill or in the oven. That makes chicken soup the ultimate comfort food.

To thicken the broth, you will want to add a little bit of coconut milk. At this point you will also want to add either a teaspoon of fresh ginger, or a quarter teaspoon of ground ginger. These both work well, but I personally like ground ginger because it adds a lot more flavor. For chicken soup recipe, a quarter teaspoon of ginger works well.

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