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If you have ever eaten an orange cake, you will know why it is so popular. This tasty dessert has a flavor all its own and tantalizingly orange. This warm out-of-the fridge dessert is frosted with an extra creamy vanilla frosting, and it is finished off with a warm orange glaze and chopped candied blood orange fruits! It is the perfect cold winter dessert and this recipe can easily be created ahead of time and frozen!

To make this delicious warm orange cake, you will need: one very large bowl, preferably double, or alternatively half a medium sized bowl that can be used for other food items, such as vegetable curry or soup mixes, or reconstituted soups. Another bowl will be required to mix all the ingredients together in the bowl before putting it in the oven or preheating the oven. Generally, you should use a medium or larger bowl rather than a small shallow bowl, as the bowls with the longer necks allow for the beaters to more effectively whip the batter and mix it all together to create a rich and fluffy orange cake.

The key to making this delicious dessert is using a mixture of brown sugar and molasses, which will produce a very thick, luxurious cake. This is a very popular dessert option at Christmas time, however it can also be made any time of year. Use some of your spare time in your day to whip up your very own orange cake and enjoy the great taste and unique flavor.

To make the cake, you will need: One cup of butter cream, two cups of sugar, approximately two tablespoons of molasses, approximately three to four cups of flour, a food processor or a mixer, and about a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Once you have gathered these ingredients, it is time to beat the eggs and sugar together in a bowl until it reaches its breaking point. Once the egg mixture is at this point, you can add the wet ingredients and mix them together until they are combined. Then you can start off by mixing the dry ingredients into the wet mixture and then slowly add in the wet to dry ingredients. Once you have blended the ingredients well, you can then add the wet to dry mixture and mix them together until they are completely combined.

Once the orange cake batter has been put into the mixer, you will then want to turn the speed of the machine down so that the batter is not too heavy. Start off by adding about one tablespoon of molasses in one-fourth cup of the batter. Once this is mixed thoroughly, you can move on to the next ingredients. You will want to start off by adding the flour, which should be mixed very slowly and thoroughly by hand. Then you will move onto the last ingredients which will be the frosting. You will want to work quickly while this is an important part of the orange cake desserts recipe, so start with the hardest ingredients first.

This dessert needs to have a smooth, velvety texture, so once the batter has come to room temperature it will need to be quickly mixed with the dry orange slices. To do this, you will want to spray the mixing bowl with non-stick cooking spray before putting the orange pieces into the bowl. This allows you to create a uniform texture for the finished product. The cake batter will be mixed at this stage, but you will also want to add the oil or butter and then the vanilla extract. Mix all of the ingredients together until the batter becomes smooth and spreadable.

After baking the cake, you will want to spread some buttercream on the sides. This gives the cake a nice, moist appearance. The buttercream will keep the cake from drying out while it bakes. When the cake has cooled completely, you can then add your fruit dices and dried orange slices. The cake will then be wrapped and stored in the refrigerator.

Baking an orange cake will take only about fifteen minutes in your electric or gas oven. This makes it perfect for a special occasion or event when you do not have a lot of time to bake. If you do not want to bake the cake yourself, be sure to use a cake mix that has a high sugar content and which uses orange juice as its flavor. This cake mix will produce the best results, and you will not have to worry about it getting too hot or burning when you use it in the oven.

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