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When buying truffle salt, it’s important to know which is the real deal. Many shoppers assume that salt is all the same and are shocked when they discover that not all truffle salt is created equal. Although many people know the difference between regular and fake truffle salt, many still don’t know that there is even such a thing as real truffle salt. In fact, it is quite difficult to tell the difference between this popular confectionary topping and regular table salt. Here’s a quick breakdown of the main ingredients, along with some tips on how to find high quality truffle salt for your next dinner party or shopping trip.

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Truffle Shape and Size. As mentioned above, the real truffle salt has a very distinct taste that cannot be replicated by any regular table salt. Usually, the salt will be flat in shape, about the size of a golf ball, although you can buy in smaller sizes if needed. It is usually coarse, meaning it will cut through finger foods quite easily, but since you won’t be using it for very long, it is still quite pleasant.

Black Truffle Salt. The texture of black truffle salt can best be described as bitter-sweet. It is slightly salty, with a somewhat burnt aftertaste on your palate. Most often, it goes well with seafood, fish, and meat dishes, however it also pairs well with cheeses, berries, and eggplant. For a truly unique flavor, add a hint of lemon or fresh lemon juice to the dish before using it.

How To Use It. Contrary to what many believe, sea salts and table salts don’t go well together. Sea salt is typically used for its coarse texture, which is great for adding some extra flavor to seafood and other salty dishes. On the other hand, table salts are usually made from natural materials such as minerals and clay. This is the type of truffle salt, which has a very intense sea flavor, with a very pronounced saltiness.

The Best Way To Find And Use It. It is very difficult to find real truffle salt, because it is usually blended with other ingredients. When you do find real truffle salt, it is usually very expensive. The best way to get a reasonable price on this type of salt is to buy bulk. Bulk truffle salt will keep better than any of the expensive brands, and since it is so hard to find, bulk buying is definitely the way to go.

What Types Of Foods Can Go Well With It? This type of salt goes very well with a wide variety of foods, but the two most common food groups that are combined with truffle salt are desserts and fish. Because it contains a lot of sea salt, the flavor can sometimes overpower the flavor of certain dairy products, such as cream cheese. As a result, using cream cheese in a dish will usually increase the overall flavor of the dish, without decreasing the intensity of the salt presence. In addition to using the salt on top of certain foods, you can also sprinkle it on top of ice cream, or on top of baked goods.

How To Cook With It. Since it is very salty, one of the best ways to enjoy the rich taste of truffle is to add it to your cooking. The best way to do this is to use it as a high-quality table salt. Baked foods such as cookies and brownies are good candidates for high-quality truffle salt. Any baked item that contains a considerable amount of butter should also be seasoned with this sea salt, because of its excellent flavor.

As a side note, truffle oil is often included in the fine dining experience, because of the incredible rich and intense flavor. Although it does have a subtle flavor, it pairs well with many other ingredients, including cheese and other cheeses. For those who don’t care too much for the rich taste of truffles, you can always purchase plain truffle salt. It is not only cheaper, but it has a very similar flavor to the real thing.

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